Uub Absalon

Uub as he appears in Dragon Ball Absalon.

The good reincarnation of Buu. He was trained by Goku and appeared at the end of Z and through GT. He appears in Young Jijii's Dragon Ball Af as a main character








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Dragon Ball AF (Young Jijii's)

Ize Saga

Uub, now 19, has become the succesor to the great Hercule Satan. He arrives where Ize landed along with Gohan, Vegeta, Pan, Goten and Trunks. He waits while Vegeta battles Ize and then rushes in after Ize transforms. He notices when Gohan goes Super Saiyan 4. When Ize transforms again, Ize defeats Uub quickly, cause Gohan to start to get angry.

Dragon Ball Absalon (Melavelli's)

In Dragon Ball Absalon, Uub apears to be living in South America, and is married to Pan. They have two little boys. Early one morning, what seems like another peaceful day, is ineterupted by Uub sensing a massive Saiyan Ki, foreign to Earth.


All of his powers are retained in DBAF. He has become stronger though.