Piccolo is a Warrior clan Namekian from planet Namek. He is the rencarnation of the dark side of kami known as demon king piccolo sr. Piccolo has 3 considered brothers. Tamberoine, Cybol, and Drum. He first appered in the 24th world champion ship vs goku now a teen. He nearly beat goku but lost in a desperate rush. He was later given a senzu bean and went off for training. In Dragon ball Z he returns with a want of revenge on goku when radtiz appears. He was about to be beaten by the saiyan but was saved by Radtiz picking up goku's energy. He then appears at the kame house wanting to help goku beat his brother. Radtiz beat them until whith a miricle shot and goku commiting suicide piccolo killed both of these pure blood saiyans.
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