Dragon Ball Budokai AF 2 is the well-wanted sequel to the ever-popular game, Dragon Ball Budokai AF.


While Dragon Ball AF is the main focus of the game, the story mode of the game allows you to play through the story of Dragon Ball Z, GT or AF from beginning to end. Between fights, you are given freedom to fly around the planet you are on currently in the story. One slight drawback to this is only half of the roster has a story. Some critics found this a bit of a "bummer", but they didn't mind it much.


Aside from a few tweaks, such as Ultra Spark(which is (in a sense) identical to Hyper Mode and Aura Spark), Dark Blaze (which is triggered if you transform as soon as you activate Ultra Spark), Light Blaze (which is also triggered if you transform as soon as you activate Ultra Spark), Nitrax Rush (similar to Dragon Rush from Budokai 3) and Shadow Fusion (a skill only that only Excessum, Aaktar, Sira, Ezoro, Goko and Mako can use), the gameplay in itself is 100% identical to the other Budokai games. One change, though, is the fact that you can now decide which form your character is in at the beginning of a match. If you do so, the form you select is irreversible for the match it is chosen for.



  • All characters with an asterisk beside their name are only in the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

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